LEE filters

LEE Filter kit

So I got my first filter kit from LEE filters, and I must say that I am impressed.

My landscape and nature photos now have more dynamic. I used to have the the dynamic changed in Lightroom, but now the filter does the job.
Together with the polarid filter the photos are more alive, which makes it more fun to take photos :)

The Neutral Density filter works perfectly to give more darknees to light spots on the photo and give the photo more contrast.
With the kit there are three different neutral Density filters (soft, medium and hard). However, I still haven't found out which one to use
on different kinds of photos.

The Big Stopper helps you to use long exposure in daylight down to around 1 min, and in the evening up to 5-10 min. It gives a very nice
feature to the water and skye. (If you have seen some of my photos, you will see that I love to take photos of water.)

So this filter was right on target for me :)