New gallery

Its done, my new gallery is ready

New gallery and new domain

So, I finally got my new webside done. As the old one was outdated and new features were availible, I thought it was time to get a new gallery. And now it's here.
I added a new design, a comments area and a blog. It is not full of photos yet, but more will come bit by bit every week.

In this gallery I will add photos I have taken. The photos here are maybe not tecnical correct, but it's the way I like it. It is still worth a look :)
If you want a notification everytime i upload new photos, you can add my RSS feed.
You can also find me on social media like Instagram, Eyeem, 500px.

If you like my gallery please leave a comment.

For this website I have used imagesvuex X3 newest release. I can highly recommend it if you are looking for a gallery.