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About me

I am just an amature photographer who loves taking photos. Not all of my photos are tecnical correct, but im trying to do it my way. Im still learning and doing something new everytime I take a new photo. I love water and you will find a lot of photos here with water.

I got my first camera 14 years ago and since then it has been many thousand photos. Some of the photos I think are the best you will find here in my gallery. I hope you like them, and if you do please leave a comment.

You can also follow me on social media, which you will find further down on this page.

Enjoy it :)

Social Media

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Follow me on Instagram at Eyeconphotos. Here I will publish photos when I have photos that I think are worth a look.If you are on EyeEm you can also follow me there under Eyeconphotos
There you will find a lot of the same photos that you will find on Instagram.
If you are on 500px you can follow me there as well. The user name is Eyeconphotos.If you are on facebook you can follow me there as well. The user name is Eyeconphotos.I have a Aton newsfeed on my webside, so if you have a RSS reader you can add me at Birkbak.com/feed/ to your reader. You will get a message everytime I update my gallery.

You can download an RSS reader where you download your apps.